How to Unlock Your Postage Meter

how to unlock your PSD lockout on a postage meter by MCC

UPDATED: 10/8/2020

If your mailing system indicates that the postage meter is locked, you will need to connect to the e-Services center in order to transfer the meter’s usage history back to the USPS. This “data capture” is a scheduled event that provides the USPS with valuable data on communication trends and serves as a key indicator of future product and service requirements.

We have created a step by step video to guide you through the process. Written instructions are below the video.

How to clear a PSD postage meter lockout.

Below are the steps to clear a locked postage meter:

1. Check to make sure the communication cable is connected (LAN or USB cable), if it’s not connected turn off the unit, connect the cable and turn it back on.

2. From the home screen press the Funds key and select Postal Inspection, confirm the transaction and then wait for the Transaction Completed message.

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